samuel orson

The Official Page of Artist Samuel Orson

Orson is a highly experimental new age artist from Seattle Washington.  With his unique approach to the acoustic guitar, he is able to create sound scapes and melodies unlike anything that has ever been created. He is best known for his 120 Days of Music Project, where he composed, arranged, and recorded a studio quality song every day for 120 days.  Samuel is currently in the process of compiling a "greatest hits" from the project, entitled "General Feelings of Optimism."  You can follow the "120 Days of Music Playlist" on Spotify. When that is complete, Orson will be working on a completely new and experimental new age record, in which he strives to win his first Grammy Award in the new age music genre come 2018.

Orson is currently finishing up his minimalist piano record "Blue", which will be available everywhere this Winter.


Orson has a strong background in finger style guitar. His songs are comprised of very melodic hooks, and big cinematic builds. This Spotify Playlist encapsulates the sound he found from doing the 120 Days of Music Project. There is a song for every mood. 

In 2016, Orson reached a wide audience with his original song "Cocaine Princess," a dark song that is nothing short of a masterpiece. Watch the live video for that song below.