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The 120 Days of Music Project is Complete! Download the Entire Discography on bandcamp, and follow the "Greatest Hits" Playlist on spotify! Read how the process went on medium!

[From Samuel]

Beginning on January 31st,  I will be writing, arranging, performing, recording, and uploading a new original song every day for 120 days. This is an exercise in creativity, motivation, and vulnerability. The creation process will be live streamed on my Youtube Channel, to give you some insight into the composition process. Below are the simple details of the project:

1) Songs will be full length (3-5 minutes). The Songs will be created with an acoustic guitar, and a loop pedal. All the instrumentation you hear in the recordings will be solely acoustic guitar (With the exception of minimal concert percussion). A sample song can be heard on my Bandcamp Here.

2) Songs will be uploaded to my Bandcamp the same night they are created. Songs that are created during the evening will be uploaded the next morning. 

3) Mondays will be taken off to regroup and do technical work, and after the half way mark (60 songs) I will take a week off to evaluate what I have done so far, and gather inspiration.  

4) Each group of 12 songs is based on a painting that you see on this screen. After each 12 song threshold, the songs will be grouped together as an album, and distributed to the major platforms. (Spotify, Itunes, Google Play, etc.) and available on Bandcamp for your listening pleasure. 


I am very excited to share my creative process with you. I know it may seem like a lot of work, but I promise to keep it fresh, and to keep it real.  I will post any edits to the project at the bottom of this page.

Samuel Orson.